Capital Kiosk: UK based bespoke kiosk manufacturer

Capital Kiosk is a family run business that specializes in the design and manufacture of bespoke modular kiosks. Based in the UK we are located in Coventry and our central position allows us easy distribution to all parts of the UK.

We offer a wide comprehensive range of kiosks that can accommodate different requirements. Popular types of kiosks include the coffee kiosks, flowers kiosks and information kiosks.


Most kiosks in the UK remain unprotected on the street during the evening and are prone to vandalism. As a kiosk manufacturer with an understanding of this all of our kiosks are built around a robust steel frame. The external cladding depends on the design and location but we would discuss the exterior of the unit with our client and recommend a suitable finish with a view to maintenance and security.

All Materials both externally and internally are selected to be hard wearing to ensure longevity of use.


It is important to understand that although we offer a full kiosk manufacturing service including design we are happy to work with designers, planners etc. to develop schemes which may be considered more appropriate, and within set budgets.


Each kiosk project is designed and manufactured to a dedicated build programme, the kiosk is manufactured excluding shop fittings and we then invite the client to our premises to confirm the exact fit out.